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We Offer Deep Carpet Cleaning in Edinburgh and all surrounding areas.

AMDE Carpet Cleaning Edinburgh providing carpet cleaning services to the whole of Edinburgh, Lothian and Fife. AMDE Carpet Cleaning Edinburgh are fast, professional and affordable.

Whether you need us to clean carpets in your home or office, we have it covered. When you ask us to clean your carpets, you know that you are dealing with experts who have a great reputation and have been operational in the Edinburgh district for more than 12 years.

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Why choose AMDE Carpet Cleaning Edinburgh?

• Bespoke Cleaning Service
we don’t provide a one-size-fits-all service but adapt what we do to suit your needs.
• We don’t only clean carpets
we can clean rugs and upholstery too
• Pricing is transparent
we won’t hit you with hidden costs and quotes are FREE
• Stains and Odours removed
no matter how dirty your carpets are, we will remove the stains and even unpleasant odours, such as pet urine.
• Fast Drying
don’t put off having your carpets cleaned because you think they will be wet and soggy; our specialist equipment takes out such a large percentage of water that your carpets will dry fast, ready for use.
• Carpets will be restored
not only will carpets be clean but original colours will be restored and the texture will retain its original quality.
• Only the best materials
because AMDE Carpet Cleaning Edinburgh use only the highest quality cleaning materials provided by Prochem, you are guaranteed best results.
• Hygienically clean
not only will your cleaned carpets look and smell fresh, but they will be fully sanitised and deodorised, killing off all bacteria.

We Serve The Following Areas:

Why buy new carpets when we can restore the old ones?

New carpets cost hundreds of pounds so why waste money when we can make the old ones look like new? Whether you are a landlord, tenant, home or business owner, AMDE Carpet Cleaning Edinburgh will clean your existing carpets.

blue carpet cleaned after dog stains  great result in Edinburgh flat

Minimum disruption

Our team are polite, professional and respectful. We take care of your premises as if they were our own whilst creating the minimum amount of disruption possible. Trained to do what we do well and with the backgrounds of each individual team member being checked, you know that when we are working within your home or business premises, you can feel safe and at ease. You will also find us extremely flexible and adaptable. Need a special date to be allocated for our out-of-hours carpet cleaning? AMDE Carpet Cleaning Edinburgh will do everything possible to accommodate your needs.

Call "AMDE Carpet Cleaning Edinburgh" Today for your FREE, no-obligation cost Estimate: 0755 755 3603.

If you would like to find out more about getting your carpets, rugs or sofas cleaned, get in touch with us or fill in our FREE quotation form. At the same time, we can schedule you an appointment as soon as you need it.

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